Midas Wright is a rapper/producer from rural Georgia. After moving to attend college in Macon, Georgia, the city’s rich cultural and musical roots drew Midas into the local hip-hop scene. He founded the rap group Fresh Valley Kings in 2015 with friends and bandmates from his university. Midas’s early performances with the group were locally notable for a live act focused on improvisational performances including freestyle rapping, disk jockeying and controllerism. Midas also started a Facebook share campaign that resulted in the group being invited to perform with Riff Raff at the Cox (now Hargray) Capitol Theater in 2016.

After the group dissolved mid-2016, Midas went on to release two 8-track EPs, “The Psychotic Erotic” and “Satellites” in 2017. Midas disappeared from the internet between 2017-2020 during an official hiatus, citing the deaths of close personal friends and coping with depression as the cause of absence. During this period, both of his solo EPs were removed from streaming due to non-payment of the distribution service. Without warning in June 2020, all of the songs from those releases (as well as 14 previously unreleased tracks) were added back to streaming as the “Lost Tapes” series- newly edited and remastered by Midas himself.

While early in his career Midas depended on the DJs and producers that he collaborated with regularly to make the beats and produce his songs, his post- “Lost Tapes” work is all defined by a single characteristic: the records are entirely DIY. The single “Otherside” was composed, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Midas and his partner (known as Ourglass) in the basement of their own home. All eras of his performances are united by an intense honesty to the lyrics, even when coping with potentially Edgy or Dark subject matter. “Otherside” reflects the enlightenment of perspective granted by the three-year hiatus, and showcases an insightful rapper and producer who is here to stay.

You can reach Midas Wright by email at midaswrightmusic@gmail.com.